CoreBook X i3

CoreBook X i3 have a Intel Core i3-10110U, 14'' 2K Resolution, with 2160 x 1440 resolution IPS screen.

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Taller Display

CoreBook X i3 display in 3:2 aspect ratio provides more screen space for your tasks.

SSD Storage

Store and access your files and data on a faster device.

High-Speed Wireless

Stable and fast wireless connections Wifi6 MAX Speed 24 Gbps.

Full-featured USB Type-C

Experience faster transmission of video, audio, and data as well as fast-charging.

Specs of the CoreBook X i3


Intel Core i3 10110U

Intel Core 13 10110U in database shapes up to be a decent entry-level CPU. (also known as the long-term Power Limit)



Access your files faster and work on multiple programs with no problem while consuming less power on your device.



SSD runs faster and more quietly than a standard HDD as it requires no moving parts. This leads to the added benefit of lower power consumption which gives your device a longer battery life.


14" FHD (2160x1440)

Brings you an appealing vibrant display that delivers stunning color accuracy and detailed image quality.


Wifi6 with Bluetooth BT5.1

Experience a high-speed and stable wireless connection. With bluetooth BT5.1 you can easily connect with various wireless devices.


46.2Wh (11.55V/4000MA)

CoreBook X i3 is equipped with a reliable battery capacity to support you during mobile work and travel.



CoreBook X i3 to provide you with a comfortable image quality for video recording and communication.


Licensed Windows 10 Home, upgrade to Windows 11

CoreBook X i3 comes installed with an authorized and versatile Windows 10 Home operating system, saving you time and money for installation fees and upgrade to Windows 11 .


Extensive Connections

CoreBook X i3 USB 3.0*1, 19V/3.42A DC3.5mm charger, audio jack, and DC charging port..

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