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Taller Display

Enhance your viewing experience with its 3:2 aspect ratio screen with a fully-laminated 2K resolution.

SSD Storage

Store and access your files and data on a faster device.

High-Speed Wireless

Stable and fast wireless connections with 2.4G/5G Dual-Band WiFi that can reach up to 867 Mbps.

Full-featured USB Type-C

Experience faster transmission of video, audio, and data as well as fast-charging.

Specs of the GemiBook


Intel Celeron J4115

Have a smooth device at your disposal with this reliable quad-core processor with an integrated Intel UHD Graphics 600. Built to support you on everyday tasks such as office work, web browsing, and moderate multitasking.



Fast track your goals and tasks with this hefty yet power-efficient memory. Geared for all-day productivity and multitasking needs.



Compared to the standard HDD, SSD runs faster and more quietly. With SSD, you can open applications and access files more swiftly. SSD also consumes less power which gives your device a longer battery life.


13" 2K IPS (2160 x 1400)

Designed with a unique 3:2 aspect ratio, GemiBook allows more vertical space for an improved display for web browsing and accessing documents. Its 2K IPS and fully-laminated screen will not fall short in delivering vivid image quality.


2.4G/5G WiFi with Bluetooth 5.1

Provides steady and smooth WiFi connectivity that can reach up to 867 Mbps. With Bluetooth 5.1 technology, connecting with various wireless devices won't be a problem.


38Wh Lithium-ion Battery

GemiBook is equipped with a reliable battery capacity to support you during mobile work and travel.



Sleek and ultra-portable device that weighs only 2.82 pounds. Collaborating and sharing your work will be easier with its 180-degree hinge and 170-degree wide-viewing angle.



GemiBook's built-in camera allows for casual video chatting with friends and family or for a quick video conference for work.

Operating System

Windows 10 Home

GemiBook comes installed with a licensed Windows 10 Home operating system, saving you time and money for installation fees.


Extensive Connections

GemiBook comes with various ports such as a full-featured USB Type-C, PD2.0 fast charge, USB-A 3.0, 3.5mm headphone jack, M.2 SSD extension, and micro SD.

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